The changing landscape on Advertising Budget spending in the UAE

According to the ‘we are social report’ for 30 countries, UAE holds the 1st position in Internet penetration, with over 96% of Internet penetration rate.  Infact, it’s not a surprise anymore that UAE population spends more time on the Internet than watching TV.

Average daily Internet use via a tablet or PC is 4 hour 25 min, while average daily Internet use via a mobile phone is 3 hour 37 min.

Time Spent with Media

Marketing executives in the top companies in the UAE predict exponential growth in the use of digital advertising year on year. However if you look at the top 10 companies advertising budgets, the highest media type that is spent on is newspaper ads, followed by outdoor advertising, magazine ads, radio and television and, finally, cinema advertising.

The consumers are spending more time on digital platforms but the majority of companies in the UAE have been slow in the uptake of digital media. In UK, where digital spend has overtaken traditional media and constitutes 60% of the total marketing spend, in the UAE, the digital spend might not even be 20% of the total marketing spent.

A huge opportunity for Google, Facebook to work with digital media companies to spear head the digital revolution in the UAE.

Facebook is already working actively with small businesses in the UAE to open doors to new audiences. For example, Facebook has become the number one referrer to Mariam Al Kassab’s KidzVenture Early Learning Centre website. This has resulted in a 50 per cent conversion rate for KidzVenture.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to undergo the digital transformation and build their digital platforms by investing in social, content, video and meaningful insights to gain the right traction and eventually brand following and revenue from their digital investments.

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