Why Digital Marketing is important in UAE

Digital Marketing: It’s no longer just the ‘Internet of Things’ but has transformed into the ‘Internet of Life’ due to huge impact of the internet, apps, smartphones and other ICT technologies on our social lives. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile phones, the influence is even growing on the UAE[…]

Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2016

Our look at the latest trends in digital media and technology and how they will impact digital marketing this year In a recent digital conference in Dubai, Google executives stated that a human eye sees a marketing communication every 19 secs. The digital space is also flooded with ads on[…]

Get the Google AdWords average conversion rates by industry

As a company managing its own Google ads account or as an agency, the usual practice of optimization is to refer to one’s own past performance. Your primary source of insight is probably your own historical data and as long as your conversion rates are trending upwards, you think you[…]

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: How To Do Targeted Advertising On Facebook

The next wave of digital marketing is swiftly tilting towards Facebook Marketing for businesses in the UAE. As the cost per click(CTR) and conversions cost in Google Adwords takes up a sizeable chunk of the online marketing budgets, companies are finding better targeting mechanisms using Facebook Ads and a better[…]

What UAE businesses can learn from Google consumer insights tool?

Recently, Internet giant Google Middle East launched its facility “Think With Google” across the MENA region, which provides data that can help local companies maximize business opportunities collected from studying the behavior of browsers in the region. The research revealed that 53 percent of people in the UAE “go online[…]