Get the Google AdWords average conversion rates by industry

As a company managing its own Google ads account or as an agency, the usual practice of optimization is to refer to one’s own past performance. Your primary source of insight is probably your own historical data and as long as your conversion rates are trending upwards, you think you[…]

What UAE businesses can learn from Google consumer insights tool?

Recently, Internet giant Google Middle East launched its facility “Think With Google” across the MENA region, which provides data that can help local companies maximize business opportunities collected from studying the behavior of browsers in the region. The research revealed that 53 percent of people in the UAE “go online[…]

SEO & SEM: Different Paths, Same Destination

Companies typically have specialists for each and they don’t necessarily talk to each other SEO specialist don’t think that SEM adds any value. I’ve heard people say that SEO is better because it has more long-term value, most importantly, it’s “free,”. Also because it gives searchers what they want and ads don’t,[…]