Make Video Marketing Part of the Digital Marketing Mix

Have you included video marketing into your online marketing strategy? If not, it’s time you should. A few years ago, video marketing seemed to be more popular wit selective brands and products. But now, if you want to engage your customers and reach them where they are, then video has to become a fundamental component of your overall strategy. In this article, we will look at why you need to start video marketing now.

YouTube: The world’s second largest search engine

youtube marketingGoogle is, and likely will always be number one. But YouTube has over a billion users who watch millions upon millions of hours of video. In fact Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates rank among the top countries for YouTube views per capita in the world. Millennials are increasingly turning to online for entertainment and Internet usage has been exploding in recent years. As a marketer, you can reach them by creating video that they can discover in YouTube search or general Google search results, depending on your video’s topic and how well you optimize it for search engines.

Facebook Video Marketing

facebook video marketingLast year, Facebook announced that its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day in a period of seven months.

Advertising has always been visual, but when you augment this visual impact using Facebook video marketing, the effect is even greater. With so many people today living fast-paced lifestyles, it’s essential to get your message across using carefully chosen text coupled with powerful moving images. When you combine the power of video marketing with the popularity of Facebook FB, your business will go through the roof.

Your business in Video
There are many reasons for your business to enter the world of video. The key is to find the way that is best for your business and start there. In the next series of articles, we look at how businesses can create different kinds of videos to attract and engage with the audience in their digital purchase journeys.

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