The fascination for Facebook Likes

Do you find yourself in the constant desire of more Facebook LIKES! As a digital marketer do you find yourself believing that somehow more facebook likes is truly going to create massive engagement, viral excitement, and blast revenue to new heights of glory and awesomeness.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media network in UAE

UAE has the highest penetration rate for Facebook in the Gulf region, with over 46% of the population using the platform actively. Facebook has a total registered user base of over 7.5 million in the UAE. That’s a lot of people. But what do Facebook’s stats have to do with your participation in Facebook, let alone the like levels on your business page? The answer is NADA! Nothing. Just by being a member of a vast universe like Facebook does not mean that you’re going to form a connection with everyone in that universe.

Infact Facebook is working on reducing the reach to your fans and is pushing you to “pay to promote” your posts. It is moving to, “pay to play“. The truth is that increasingly Facebook is now charging you to reach your fans.

Why Facebook Likes Don’t Matter

So, let me share with you a few of the reasons why Facebook likes aren’t that big of a deal.

Users who like your page may never engage with the content.

Facebook users rack up likes like Michael Phelps collects gold medals. It’s easy for a Facebook user to like your page, but it’s far less likely that they will see the content you posted, let alone interact with it and visit your business Facebook page.

According to a study cited by SocialSamosa, only 1% of users who like a business page will visit that brand’s Facebook page.

Facebook likes don’t mean that you’ll get better quality business.Facebook fans have a limited possibility of bringing in more business. But if they do, there’s a question as to the quality of their clientele. Not all fans or likes are worth having, believe it or not.

What Should You Do Instead?

Build Relationships, rather than build likes.

While Facebook’s organic reach may have hit the bottom, you can still engage with your audience. Look at building relationships than likes. The power of Facebook is no longer in its spread, but rather in the way that it provides a platform for interaction. Engage with your audience in ways that gets them interacting as an active audience. Social Ogilvy put it like this: “The power in Facebook remains its potency to generate earned conversation and engagement.”

Is your Facebook page merely a broadcasting tool of your company news?

If that’s what your page is, you need to stop. Think further, who is your audience, what are their needs, their pain points, what satisfies or delights them, build meaningful insights and stories. People engage in conversations that they can relate to and that does not include contests and give aways. Instead look at polls and surveys, reply to comments, manage the sentiments around your brand and product.

The importance of a social media marketing strategy

If you want to succeed at social media marketing you need to create a social media marketing strategy. Just chasing Facebook likes is not a path to success. It is just a singular tactic that should be part of an overall plan that contributes to achieving your marketing goals.

On a social web, marketing is moving from campaign marketing to continuous marketing. Think of it as a journey of customer engagement and on going conversations rather than one off “raids” on your customers.

Want to know more about achieving your marketing objectives through Facebook, take a digital health check and the Vekaya Team will get in touch.


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