Marketing automation for small businesses in 2018


Marketing automation for small businesses is like a revenue engine that is a ‘must have’ tool in 2018 .

Marketing automation helps marketers organize their lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and customer life cycle marketing. It also helps you to measure your marketing efforts in order to build strong relationships with your potential customers across various platforms and to provide them with a consistent customer experience. Segmentation plays a massive role in segregating your audience effectively. It guides you in providing your customers with content that’s relevant to their interest, leading them down the funnel to finally make the purchase. Apart from this it also helps you to measure your marketing tasks, which in turn will help increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Marketing Automation can empower Marketers to practice proactive rather than reactive marketing. Take charge of your communication and how the brand is perceived by different kinds of customers.

Why do you need marketing automation?

It is a mode of reallocating the pricey resources from everyday tasks that can be taken care by automated activities. From optimising your staff’s time, to optimising which customers your sales team focuses their effort on, the scope of marketing automation goes way beyond simply automating some repetitive tasks to achieving significant revenue increase.

As we’re step into 2018, we explore why small business need to take this new approach?

The utilization of automated tools among small business is low but constantly growing. According to statistics 90% of small businesses that haven’t invested in marketing automation yet often complain about it saying say that the primary reason is the expense in incurs.

Drafting a lead revenue framework is an integrated sales and marketing task. Also, you’ll have to split the obstruction between sales and marketing and give your revenue engine, as an integrated model,a thought. This process becomes even more important when it comes to small business.

Enterprises may desire for an increase in efficiency and look for better growth without any hassle but small businesses don’t have much of a choice rather than making the most of their marketing resources and sales, thus making them to work together as a team. This gap between the marketing and sales team, be it any sized business, is well documented.

Be it a small or large business enterprise, you would need a variety of marketing tools to engage with your customers. This would include sending across automated bulk SMS’s, emails, track visitors on your website, generate outbound leads etc and if you’re using a marketing automation tool, be rest assured. Look for automation tools that are easy to use, provide multiple uses and something that fits your marketing budget. Lack of sufficient budget is one of major barriers between small enterprises and automated marketing tools but did you know that it could help escalate your sales, increase your lead generation and transform your business in no time? If you haven’t considered it yet, what better way to begin the year, make 2018 a year to remember.

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