Deep Dive into Facebook UAE Users Statistics 2016

95% of the UAE’s population today is active Internet users. Emiratis have been quick to embrace most major social network platforms, with Facebook emerging as a clear favourite. UAE has the highest penetration rate for Facebook in the Gulf region, with over 46% of the population using the platform actively.

Now let’s look at the social platforms that have gained momentum in the 2016.

Compare to last year, few positions have been slightly changed. WhatsApp climbed the first position in the chat app/messenger category leaving behind the Skype compared to last year. World’s most popular social networking site Facebook got the 1st rank in social network category with 46%. Whereas, last year Facebook’s position was at 39%.
Positive growth can be seen in Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and snapchat finally appeared on the radar, while, Pinterest has been lost.

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The front-runner in terms of social platforms in 2016 in UAE is surely Facebook. Let’s look at some statistics:

UAE on Facebook

Facebook has a total registered user base of over 7.5 million in the UAE. Of these, over 2 million are women. This forms one of the largest ratios of female Facebook users among countries in the Middle East. The 18-29 age group contributes the largest numbers with 3.5 million users. The 30-49 age group closely follows this with 3.4 million users. In terms of Cities, Dubai, with the largest population, has the majority of the users at 54.67%. Abu Dhabi is a distant second with 20% of the users.

The Report also states that due to country’s rapid growth and the government’s strong push towards digital technologies and entrepreneurship, it seems like Facebook and social media in general will have a major role to play in the country’s future.

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Facebook Marketing Trends in 2016

Looking at the uptake of the social platform, Facebook will be the best option for brand and direct response advertisers in 2016.

However one needs to understand it deeply enough, spend time on optimization and stay updated on the latest features. New and continuously evolving ad formats and targeting options give you more options but at the same time make it more challenging to find the best performing combinations. Instagram video ads, lead ads, dynamic cross-sell and upsell, video ads and canvas ads require continuous A/B testing since Facebook is developing new features forward on an almost daily basis.

You need a digital partner who is working closely with Facebook and offering you the best way to target new audiences. The Vekaya Team works with solution providers that are Facebook Partners in the region to give you the optimum solutions when it comes to Facebook Advertising.


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