How Marketers in UAE can leverage social media for Rio Olympics 2016


With the Olympics games kicking off in Rio, Brazil in Aug 2016, marketers have already started ramping up their efforts around the event. What can you as a marketer do to leverage this fantastic marketing opportunity with your audience in UAE?

Sponsorship and broadcast revenue as well as global audiences for the Olympics have continued to grow every year, so it’s no surprise that brands are willing to shell out upwards of $1 billion for each four-year Olympiad period. But experts say social media is expected to play a more important role in 2016 than ever before and there are tons of opportunities for brands to capitalize this global event on social media in real time.

Some Key Facts on Olympics 2016:

  • Days the Rio Olympics run : 19
  • Number of Olympic sports at Rio 2016 : 42
  • Number of sporting events at Rio 2016: 306
  • Number of first-time Olympic sports: Two: golf and rugby sevens
  • Number of global viewers expected to watch Rio 2016: More than 3.6 billion (3.635 billion for London 2012)
  • Viewers likely to use second-screen devices during the Olympics : 85% of likely Olympic viewers, according to Global Web Index

According to a Facebook-commissioned survey by GfK, an average of 72% of people around the world are enthusiastic about the Rio Games. The excitement runs high across gender and age.

UAE flag to fly in Olympics 2016

Nine athletes have already secured their chance to fly the UAE flag during this summer’s Olympic Games in track, field and Judo. The UAE NOC is also expecting at least three quota spots, one in track and field and two in swimming. There is enough opportunity for marketers to target the favorite games and events at Rio cheering the UAE athletes and players.
UAE– A cosmopolitan hub

Out of the 9.2 million populate, there are around 7.8 million expatriates with the Emirati Nationals holding a population share of 1.4 million. With a vast demographic variation, there are a varied number of nationalities who form a part of the majority of the expats in UAE especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Social Media offers ample opportunity to target nationalities by the most loved games at the event. Celebrate the Global Community with the spirit of Games by having a common marketing message but tailored to your audiences. If Expats from Australia are your target, make a splash with a swimming related campaign and from Europe; focus on track and field events. Indian Expats would be interested in Boxing and Archery.


The Olympics provides a sustained series of ‘moment marketing’ opportunities for brands. Particularly if they can connect the second-screening usage at key ‘glory’ moments on TV, like the opening and closing ceremonies and the event highlights show, and individual events. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will be the cornerstones of Social Media Marketing this Olympics, 2016. Combine it with programmatic and real-time marketing, a brand can achieve a significant reach and increase in brand awareness and revenue this Summer. Social, Video and Contextual Content is the mantra for your social media strategy for Rio Olympics 2016.

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