How Marketers in UAE can leverage social media for Rio Olympics 2016

  With the Olympics games kicking off in Rio, Brazil in Aug 2016, marketers have already started ramping up their efforts around the event. What can you as a marketer do to leverage this fantastic marketing opportunity with your audience in UAE? Sponsorship and broadcast revenue as well as global[…]

Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2016

Our look at the latest trends in digital media and technology and how they will impact digital marketing this year In a recent digital conference in Dubai, Google executives stated that a human eye sees a marketing communication every 19 secs. The digital space is also flooded with ads on[…]

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: How To Do Targeted Advertising On Facebook

The next wave of digital marketing is swiftly tilting towards Facebook Marketing for businesses in the UAE. As the cost per click(CTR) and conversions cost in Google Adwords takes up a sizeable chunk of the online marketing budgets, companies are finding better targeting mechanisms using Facebook Ads and a better[…]

The changing face of Inbound Marketing

So what the heck is Inbound Marketing? In the digital age, the concepts of marketing are changing. Rick Burnes wrote a great piece on HubSpot’s blog that clearly explains what Inbound Marketing is and why it’s important.   Today, everyone is creating content, SEO, and heavily broadcasting on social media. Inbound[…]