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The highly experienced team at Vekaya is skilled at creating the right communication mix in the digital market space. As we build the strategy, we define the messages and the mediums to reach the target market through various types of communication.

PPC Advertising DubaiPPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

As UAE’s leading digital marketing specialists, we understand why you’re constantly scrutinizing your paid search campaigns. We help you improve the PPC campaigns and have the knowledge to anticipate changes within search, or the ability to react effectively. Using a combination of in-house expertise, domain knowledge and statistical analysis, we can make your PPC budgets go further

Display Advertising DubaiDisplay Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising plays a key role in digital marketing as it helps achieve higher ROI for your business through precise targeting options. With our digital expertise, we determine the best opportunities that help you attract and achieve higher conversions among your target audience. Further, our buying and negotiating skills ensure we get the best rates from all portals and networks

Social Media DubaiSocial Media

Social Media

In the digital age, the market share of social commercials is rising, thanks to services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. These platforms have developed the right tools to target your key audiences. However the challenge is to effectively engage with the audiences on these platforms that will result in achieving your key objectives. At Vekaya we define, inspect and adapt our marketing communication to deliver on the engagement metrics socially

Email Marketing DubaiEmail Marketing

Email Marketing

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Leveraging the latest platforms, we not only build and design corporate email but also track each activity of the user and personalize the communication to drive the lead towards the closure funnel

SMS Marketing DubaiSMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience in the UAE. Infact UAE is the one of the leading countries in terms of Smartphone users. On an average, text messages are read within 4 minutes. This is the best way to get your message across your target audience and to spread word about your product or promotion