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The absolute delight of any business doing digital marketing is to clearly measure its effectiveness. With every social and web platforms offering 100% transparency on the marketing spend, the ROI can be easily evaluated to measure the efficiency of the marketing campaign. Most Fortune 500 marketing VPs look at the revenue to cost ratio: incremental revenue driven by a marketing campaign divided by the cost. It’s a deceptively easy metric, but if you use it properly, you’ll be able to make the bold marketing decisions you need to grow your business. Our accounts team analyses such data and more, using the best-in-class tools to understand your visitors’ behavior and help improve your website to achieve the desired goals.

Measuring what mattersMeasuring what matters

Measuring what matters

Often digital marketers measure the most obvious things — likes, clicks. But to truly evaluate the success of a digital campaign, we at Vekaya create goals that go deeper than just outcome performance measures. We then create KPIs (key performance indicators) related to those goals in the digital space that present the performance of the campaign in a true sense. For ex:

Most ad platforms force you to optimize your campaigns on a CPA (cost-per-acquisition) basis. However, the true value of a customer is much higher than their first purchase. At Vekaya, we analyze the customer lifetime value for each of your marketing channels and uses it in the ROI calculations. Be it the churn rate, cost per lead, average order value or repeat purchase rate, the metrics are identified to intelligently measure the ROI in digital marketing

Turning data into InsightsTurning data into Insights

Turning data into Insights

One of the biggest challenges with digital marketing is the huge amount of data and translating this data into meaning insights and then applying those insights to actions. The skilled analysts at Vekaya explore this big data to uncover meaningful actionable insights that impact the ROI of digital marketing and in turn also create new online revenue models.

Predictive IntelligencePredictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

By taking the understanding of your customer and the knowledge of business/field, we can predict what type of actions will come. Then, you simply need to act in accordance with those predictions. This comes to bear not only for loyal and future customers but also for customers who might be likely to bolt for your competition. When you know what they want and need, you can offer it to them for their benefit as well as your own. And the results will show by increased response rates, improved decision-making, and overall increased marketing effectiveness. Every little bit counts and can be measured