Education and E-Learning

Drive Enrollment through
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Education and E-Learning

Education and E-Learning

Reach students and parents where they are – online.

Whether you’re seeking adult learners, high school grads, toddlers or anything in between, one of the greatest challenges you face is getting your message out and recruiting the right students. For every type of institution, from preschools, nurseries to learning centers and universities, we know how to reach your target audience, and we understand what resonates with them.

You have adopted processes, styles and curriculums designed to provide the best education for a certain type of person with specific goals and aspirations. We’ve perfected the art of listening to your needs, learning about the personality, culture and story of your school and transforming that knowledge into a narrowly targeted digital marketing effort that synergizes multiple platforms to broadcast your vision to the people who want to hear it. Now you can attract students, drive enrollment, fill seats and nurture more minds

Video AdvertisingVideo Advertising Dubai

Video Advertising

The young generation is more likely to be found on YouTube than on TV and what better way to communicate what an institute has to offer than actually showing it. Pictures and actual recordings of the institute communicate the message and build the identity in the young minds for them to relate to whether they can associate or find themselves pursuing their studies there

Social Media ManagementSocial Media Management Dubai

Social Media Management

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and is widely used in the Middle East. It is a fantastic medium to connect with parents as it offers an ability to connect and engage with the institute. Instagram is an ideal way to connect with young minds in possibilities that engage with them in a unique way. Having an active social presence helps institutes build their online reputation and the key is to manage it actively and responsively.

Email MarketingEmail Marketing Dubai

Email Marketing

Having a strong and consistent email marketing strategy is essential for any Education Institute. Be it a prospective, current or past enrollment, parents today want to be kept informed at every stage and what better way than email marketing. The key here is to have a consistent delivery, be it a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, email marketing offers huge scope of up selling, cross selling of educational packages along with news and updates

Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation Dubai

Marketing Automation

In the stratagem of digital marketing as one matures in its applications, one realizes the increase in its complexities. To avoid the impending challenges as you adapt to latest tools in the ever-changing digital landscape, the way forward is adopting marketing automation solutions. At Vekaya Digital, we hand hold your digital team to implement the automation framework and build segments/workflows as you grow digitally as a business.

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