Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

At Vekaya, we strong advise in streamlining sales and marketing processes using technology in order to gain from the digital transformation curve. We aim at replacing repetitive manual processes with automated solutions that ideally help in managing and measuring all of the marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Analyze data wealth DubaiAnalyze data wealth

Analyze data wealth

A key benefit of marketing automation is its ability to amass tons of data. At Vekaya, we carefully analyze this data wealth in order to comprehend customer preferences and optimize campaigns. Marketing automation can be effectively implemented with a strong organizational backing and leveraging marketing automation tools

Web Technology DubaiWeb Technology


In the fast paced and transforming world, in order to keep pace, one needs to invest in technology. Be it inbound marketing tools, social media listening, social media management systems, CRM or ERP systems, we at Vekaya strongly believe in investing in cloud based, software as a system (SAAS) models to efficiently manage the company’s objectives and deliver on the KPIs

Leverage on content DubaiLeverage on content

Leverage on content

In the Internet of things, content is the king. A thin line between gaining new customers and losing potential leads is sometimes blurred due to information discrepancies. It is therefore essential to convey the right information at the right time to potential and existing customers. Using the right tool set, we build the customer persona and their journeys and leverage on offering the right content for influencing and decision-making

Optimize the solutions DubaiOptimize the solutions

Optimize the solution’s potential

Marketing automation is a dynamic tool that extends beyond the email element. Fine-tuning marketing strategies is essential to reap maximum benefits from the solution. Well thought out and correctly applied marketing automation solutions can help achieve different objectives at the same time. At Vekaya, we assist companies to identifying and targeting each customer in sync with their exact needs and preferences. Using the latest technologies, we can harness the power of automation to organize contacts, turn leads into customers and transform customers into brand influencers