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Brand BuildingBrand Building Dubai

Brand Building

Vekaya leads the way for local Real Estate Developers aspiring to tap the international market. Every brand has a story. We help in converting that story into digital proposition and build brand awareness in the international markets including UK, Europe, UAE and India. Whether it is launching the new project to the international buyers, creating a truly digital campaign to promote pre-launch projects or leveraging offline marketing in the digital space to promote special offers and deals, the Vekaya team has built its expertise in the real estate digital marketing space.

Customer AcquisitionCustomer Acquisition Dubai

Customer Acquisition

At Vekaya, we believe in understanding the ethics and strengths of the company to develop the right strategy for online digital campaigns. Creating the right message about the brand and the property using the various digital acquisition channels including PPC Marketing, Social Media, SEO and email marketing helps in attracting the right audience to the website. We also specialize in presenting the project details and its USPs, the reason to buy/invest in a creative way that increases the quality of the leads generated thus ensuring sales in the international markets

Customer EngagementCustomer Engagement Dubai

Customer Engagement

The journey doesn’t end here. We help brands convert the customers into brand promoters and influencers by providing them with engaging content on social media, emails, website and through online reputation management. Word of mouth works well well when you are promoting in the international markets, we specialize in using this technique on the social platforms.

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We have successful held property investment seminars and property exhibitions for Real Estate advisory service providers and for property Developers. From conceptualizing to planning and final execution, the Vekaya Team has led from the front and delivered some successful property shows in Dubai, London and Mumbai.

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